Within O², we make sure that our employees work in the best conditions with the best tools in order to provide our clients with the best services. Our quality management system complies with national and international laws and regulations. Thus, we work towards continious improvement of our services and constant training of our staff.


Our company is specialised in hotel and catering services in base camps, thus, we are aware of our impact on the environment and surrounding people. This is why we apply a strict CSR policy in compliance with international standards but also local and national current legislation. O² commits to limit its impact through environmental objectives that are stringent and realistic.


We are aware of the rapidly changing local economic and social environment and apprenticeship and training of our staff are a central aspect of our work. All our employees graduated from the required trainings to practice their expertise in their working environment.
To better answer our social responsibility, we organise specific trainings for all our staff and we make sure we receive their feedback and improving suggestions. Working in a base camp means creating a small community. Mutual communication is thus essential for the personal and professional improvement of all.