O² fully manages your working environment and offers a whole package of support services, with maximum flexibility. We respect our clients needs and requirements, our only limits being the existing law, safety and environmental compliance.

Platforms services

We ensure a local staff specialised in catering and hotel services on platforms and barges. All our employees are trained to work in this environment and hold the required diplomas (notably BOSIET and HUET).

All our staff is managed by experienced officers and benefits from an international expertise, under the HACCP standards.

Our services include management of food delivery, meals preparation, catering services, maintenance of cabins/common areas/offices, hotel management, management of the teams turnover (flight tickets, rotation planning, management of departures/arrivals, reception at the airport), implementation and supervision of HSE actions, control of plague, provision of staff, organisation of entertaining events, etc.

Base camps management

Wherever you are, O² takes care of all your base camp implementation according to your requirements and always in the respect of local communities, the environment and the existing legislation. The camp's inhabitants must feel comfortable and we do our best for everyone to be properly settled.

Our services go from building the camp (adapted to your needs: installation of an equipped and professional kitchen, setting up a catering area, building a professional laundry room, installation of access controls, etc.) to managing the housing and reception of the users.


We work with providers specially selected to offer high quality meals, cooked by experienced chefs and served by a skilled and dynamic staff, according to the HACCP regulations. Our nutritionists always make sure to compose balanced and varied menus, adapted to the working environment.

Moreover, O² adapts to your situation, wherever you are: an isolated base camp, an offshore platform in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or the industrial zone of a capital city. We offer an appropriate service consistent with your expectations in terms of security, hygiene and comfort.

Hotel services

Wherever you are, O² takes care of the implementation of your base camp in compliance with your requirements and always in line with the local communities, the environment and the existing legislation. The inhabitants of the camp must feel comfortable and we do our best for everyone to be properly settled.


We ensure safety for everyone within the camp and security for all the goods and materials; implementation of access control systems, video surveillance systems, security services, etc.


We want you to focus on your core business and production so we take care of housing, office and storage maintenance.

Meet & Greet

We offer to our partners a global Husbandry service:

From meet and greet at the airport
Travel arrangements
Visas and work permit
Local transportation / transferts
To the provision of suitable accommodations.

Please contact us before you board so that we will be able to provide you the best service.